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Badman Charters fish's the spring, summer and fall seasons

Badman Charters begins booking Lake Erie charters for the coming season as early as October during the previous year.  The fishing season begins as early as mid-April, weather permitting.  Limited pre-spawn action for big female walleye preceded hot action on the reefs during April, with post-spawn activity usually beginning around the third week of April and going strong well into the middle thru the end of May.  The hottest periods for walleyes are through the months of May, June and July. Expect walleye activity to improve into late summer and early fall.  It's important for you, the angler, to choose the time of year and types of Charter that best suits you.

You can expect that Badman Charters will do what it takes to fill the cooler while on a trip.  Determined by the time of year you fish Lake Erie, we can use all the favorite methods which include jigs, bottom bounces/harnesses and casting lures.  Having many options while on a charter means more fish in the cooler.

Factors for success!!
Success is dependent upon four factors >>> 1) location, 2) weather, 3) time of year and 4) method used.  You will always have options on the lake!  With the many methods available on our charters, Badman Charters always discusses with you what locations and methods that will provide you with the best chance of catching walleyes, before and on the day of your charter.

Walleye possession is 6 each per angler all year long!  
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Drifting Lake erie charters
All season long, walleye charters on Lake Erie are catching limits

Spring walleye charters

Walleye fishing begins just after the ice melts and the winter temperatures begin to fade >>> April begins the hunt for the trophy walleye of your dreams and runs thru late May.  When targeting walleye this time of year, any method will work. Lake conditions usually dictates location and method.  An advantage we have over other areas on Lake Erie are the Lake Erie islands. The islands are a magnet for walleyes.  Large abundance of fish seem to call this region home, making this an ideal location when the lake acts up!

Methods preferred for this time of year is jigging.  The use of a type of lead-head jig or blade bait are the lure of choice. Vertical jigging with lures tipped with minnows or just a twister tail, are worked in various depths ranging as shallow as 5 ft. to depths averaging 20 ft., sometimes deeper.  A lot of fun, anglers are using just one rod and working it at different speeds, lifts and drops until we find what triggers a strike.

Summer walleye charters

BIG walleyes are in Ontario waters around Pelee Island >>> Anglers ask Why You have some of Lake Erie's best structure anywhere! First anglers have to realize that Pelee Island and surrounding waters is just "one big reef. There is abundance of rock, both deep and shallow water, encircling Pelee Island. Walleyes LOVE rocks plus Ideal structure = Walleyes. Lots of big walleyes!!

June thru the end of August.  Walleye fishing during the summer is probably the most consistent for average size eaters to even some trophy sized walleyes.  Both drifting  and trolling techniques will work equally as well.  It's this time when the Canadian fishery around Pelee Island really takes off!  Go to Canadian waters around Pelee and catch some truly large trophy walleyes. Any method works, trolling or drifting.  It's only a matter of choice with which method to use. Shallow water reef structure, light pressure, is where the best action can be found.

For whatever the reason, occasionally walleyes become finicky and may not hit the worm presentations.  That's when we have the option to troll.  This is by far becoming one of the best methods for catching limits of walleyes. Spoons, worm harnesses, body baits will all work. Oftentimes starting the day drifting, when the winds lay and the walleyes become to tight-lipped to strike, we have options. Clients can participate in the trolling program on The Badman. Trolling is no longer a sit and wait type of fishing.
Lake Erie charter fishing
Pelee Island Lake Erie walleye charters
Fall walleye charters

Starts in late August and is not to be overlooked either as it produces some of the largest catches of the year  >>> Drifting often works, but trolling is still the most consistent method for taking trophy walleye and larger numbers of them. Sometimes one of the toughest times of year for walleyes, it can also be one of the best times for walleyes.  Fall walleye charters are often combined with other species, to make it a day long combination charter.

Expect fall walleyes to similar in size to spring fish.  You CAN catch your trophy of a lifetime when targeting walleyes on a late season fishing trip on Lake Erie, ..... in  The Walleye Capital of the World!!   

Pick your prime fishing date and fish the walleye capitol of the world!

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