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Badman Charters special pricing
Lake Erie charters and charter boat fishing on Lake Erie fishing charter specials for walleye, Smallmouth Bass and
Yellow Perch near Port Clinton, Ohio.   Plan you fishing charter on Lake Erie with special rates.

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Now is the time to plan your fishing charter on Lake Erie

Smallmouth and Perch Combo!

Lake Erie charters   Late May Lake Erie walleye charters

                  • Fish a full day for both Smallmouth Bass and Yellow Perch!
                  • Loads of fun for all ages!
                  • Lots of fishing while on Lake Erie!
                  • Great way to end the summer!
                  • Fish cleaning nearby

Fish a full day combination, call or email for trip information,
be sure to ask the "Special Rate"details.

Lake Erie charters for perch and Walleye extended combinations

The best way to get a full day fishing and target both species the same day!
Spring or fall, fish for both trophy walleyes and big yellow perch in the same day!

Perch limit is 30 per angler/day
Walleye limit is 6 per angler/day

Most days, the perch can average 9 -13 inches, while the walleyes can average between 22 and 28 inches, with some even exceeding 30 inches.  We will leave the dock at 7am and return by 5 pm,  for 10 hours on the lake.  Fish for the 2 best eating and sport fish that can be found in Lake Erie.   Lake conditions will dictate success, but on most days, trolling will be the preferred method for the walleyes, while anchoring and fishing live bait for the perch, is the norm.   

  • All the bait, lures, ice are included  
  • Tackle is available for you to use
  • We still fish a full day! We target other species time

Call and we can discuss the details or reservations:  (800) 266-2520  or  E-mail  or inquire at reservations  

Lake Ontario special pricing

Special price discount offered for 2 day or more charters Save when you fish multiple days out of Olcott, New York.   Special pricing are only good for full day charters.

Group size is 1-5 persons and fishing a full day on Lake Ontario.  Species offered
are King and Coho Salmon, Steelhead and Brown trout.  All fish cleaning is provided
at NO additional cost.
anybody can catch Lake Erie walleyes
Lake Erie walleye
walleye charter aboard the Badman
Call and we can discuss the details or reservations: (800) 266-2520 or Click the link to E-mail or inquire at reservations

"Now is the time to plan your fishing charter on Lake Erie"

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