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Lake Erie Perch Charters
Lake Erie fishing charters for walleye, yellow perch and smallmouth bass in both Ohio and Ontario waters of Lake Erie

Lake Erie Yellow Perch
Double yellow perch
Alternative to a perch spreader
A crappie rigs are excellent choice for perch
Yellow Perch limit is 30 each day per angler!

Yellow perch bite very light and it may take a novice awhile to get the hang of it.  Many days we get on a "hot" bite and fish go into the cooler as fast as you can reel them in, re-bait and get your line back to the fish.  So, if you are a novice or experienced angler and enjoy fishing for perch and wish to do it on a Lake Erie perch charter give me a call.

Throughout Lake Erie, yellow perch tend to be found near or on the lake bottom.  We fish perch with minnows on spreaders or perch rigs.  Varying the bait on or near the bottom and jigging up and down results in the best catches.

Lake Erie perch fishing is second to none and what better way to enjoy a day on the great lakes than a Lake Erie perch charter. These tasty fish provides good charter and family fun. All bait and tackle are provided for your use.

A couple examples of tackle used for Lake Erie perch fishing

Lake Erie perch

The most standard and reliable perch rig on Lake erie

BIG Yellow Perch are in large schools around Pelee Island. Along with walleyes are perch. They often share the same waters. You can find them in deep and shallow waters, many times adjacent to one of the many reefs that surround Pelee. Above average perch are common everyday.
Best Times to Perch

Most people feel that perch fishing in the fall is the only time, and they couldn't be ...MORE... wrong!  Perch WILL bite, and CAN  be caught, all year long!  The bigger fish are caught in the spring and later into the fall months.

A very overlooked perch time is in April thru early May.  Perch are close to structure, such as shoreline, reefs, islands getting ready to spawn. The size can often match fall fish.

After the spring spawning period, the average size does drop, but can still average a respectable 8-10 inches during the warmer, summer months, limits are still pretty easy to fill.

Perch fishing is good all year long!  Most day limits were taken in 5 to 6 hrs.  Average fish are very common, with most spring and late summer-fall thru fall catches, some fish showing up to 10-12 inches.   
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