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Charter Fishing License Information

For all Lake Erie, Canadian and Lake Ontario charter fishing


Area fishing license outlets
Best and easiest ->>>  On-line purchase of any Ohio license for either resident and non resident anglers is found at:  Ohio Wildlife licensing  system

Hi-Way Bait
7006 E. Harbor Rd., Marblehead, Ohio  43440

Wal Mart
2826 E. Harbor Rd., Port Clinton, Ohio  43452

For those who need fishing licenses, on-line purchases can be made in minimal time using a credit card and going to the Ohio Division of Wildlife website. All varieties of licenses can be purchased. All licenses are availablem, the standard 1-day, 3-day and seasonal licenses.

Note: Be sure you know where you will be fishing before any licenses are purchased for a charter trip.

Ohio Fishing License information

       A Ohio Fishing License can be obtained on the day of your trip from various locations around the area. Here's the most recent fees

  • Resident license - $25.00 For persons age 16 through 65 who have resided in Ohio for the past 6 months.
  • One-Day license - $14.00 The One-Day license may be exchanged for credit, minus writing fee, towards the purchase of an annual license.

  • Annual Nonresident License - $50.96
  • 3-Day Resident/Nonresident License - $25.00
  • A reissued license may be obtained from any license vendor for a fishing license that has been lost, stolen, or destroyed. The cost is $3.00.


The new Ontario fishing license system made easier to acquire 1-day Canadian licenses before your Lake Erie Charter.  All that’s needed is a computer with internet access and a credit card. Non-resident Canadian fishing license information before you purchase. Begin your Canadian fishing license on-line purchase.

Be certain on the dates you plan on fishing as the license is non-refundable once purchased.  When ordering a one-day license, be sure to give them the correct date(s) that you are planning to fish. Licenses can be purchased as late as the morning of the trip. Purchases are made with a credit card The information needed for each non-resident fishing licensees is as follows: 1) complete name, 2) complete address, 3) date of birth, 4) eye color, 5) height, 6) gender.
Because Ontario fishing licenses are easy to secure in advance without having to stop on Pelee Island, even on most rough lake conditions, fishing can still be possible.  Pelee is the largest of the Lake Erie islands, which offers anglers adequate protection in it's lee. May thru October are prime times to fish.  A form of boarder crossing creditionals are now not necessary to fish Ontario waters of Lake Erie.   If you have a passport or accepted document, please bring it along.
Non-resident Canadian fishing licenses are also available, sent through the mail, by calling the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources at 1-800-667-1940, but this method still might be recommended for 7-day or greater licenses.           
Important Note: If you do have a license to fish Ontario waters for the days you charter, then a valid Ohio IS NOT necessary for those days.  So this simply means that Anglers DO NOT have to possess an Ohio license if fish taken in Canadian waters with a valid Ontario license, and are returned back into Ohio waters.  When fsihing Ontario waters and returning back to Ohio waters, each angler can only possess what the daily individual possession limit that Ohio has set.


Be aware we may fish Canadian waters at times. If fishing is better Ontario, we would likely go.   Please do not purchase a Ohio licenses until we have spoke.

New York

Sale of New York fishing licenses can be found on-line or by phone at: 1-866-933-2257 or locate any license agent that handles New York fishing licenses before or on the way to Olcott, NY

You can get your New York fishing license before your Olcott salmon charter trip.  No need to find a dealer in the early morning hours. If you have available a credit card, computer
with a printer.

Purchase a fishing license on-line now!
License agents in or near Olcott at:

The Boat Doctors
5785 W Lake Rd,
Olcott, NY 14126
(716) 778-8592

1-day non-resident: $10.00
7-day non-resident: $31.00
Seasonal non-resident:  $50.00

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