Fishing Lake Erie and Lake Ontario
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Booking fishing trips on 'The Badman' for either drifting or trolling Lake Erie Charters

for all your favorite species targeting Walleye, Smallmouth Bass, and Yellow perch

Badman Charters runs only one trip a day, this will guarantee your group a full day fishing on Lake Erie

What if we limit early on your charter?
Badman Charter policy has always been if we limit out early on a walleye charter, you can spend the rest of your time
fishing for other species or decide you want to return to the dock for an early departure

Give Badman Charters a call (800) 266-2520 to receive more information and dates

Resuming fishing Canadian waters on Lake Erie around Pelee Island for smallmouth bass and walleye charters

Finally Badman Charters will be fishing Canadian waters all throughout the 2023 fishing season.   It recently re-opened allowing anglers opportunities at some prime smallmouth bass fishing and superb mid-summer to fall walleye action.  Angler responsibility would be having a Canadian fishing license, which can be purchased on-line very easily.

Pelee Island is unique because it has large areas of shallow water reefs, with deeper water just off the edge.  As the summer progresives with warmer water temps, larger walleyes can still be targeted a few miles off the island in either direction.  It's not un-commen for larger walleyes to be found in deeper Canadian waters when the Ohio walleyes get sluggish and somewhat tougher to catch.  Please make note of that in any emails, messages, or phone calls when inquiring.

"2022 was an outstanding year for walleye on Lake Erie.  Record or near hatches during the previous six spawning periods means recruitment is strong.  This means nothing but some of the best walleye fishing anywhere else in the great lakes or the world"

On all Lake Erie walleye charters

your group can pick which method to use for walleyes.   

Fish on The Badman and you'll learn that this charter service isn't one-dimensional; we use every trick in the trade to get you fish.  Better yet, you'll fish the preferred or sometimes the best method for that day! This simply means you have choices for taking walleyes used on your charter.

All trips include ice and bait, lures, rods for drifting or trolling are also included with the trip. Start times can be adjusted easily.  The normal time for The Badman to leave the dock is 6:30am. For those wanting to arrive later that morning, different times just need to be discussed.
When booking your trip, this is what Badman Charters can do for you before, during and at the
end of your fishing day to make your time on the water a success!

  • On your fishing charter, you're not utilizing just one method on tough days.  Both trolling and drifting methods are available to box your limit!  

  • Experienced fishing guide fishing all Ohio and Ontario waters of Lake Erie!

  • Charters on both Lake Ontario and Lake Erie tries to guarantee you a complete day of fishing!

  • Map out your fishing charter and answer any important questions in advance before arriving and will help avoid any unnecessary weather cancellations,

  • Fish cleaning can be arranged for you once you return to the dock. Your catch can be picked up at the dock, taken to the fish house, and cleaned while you relax and are ready to pick up in a short time for the trip home!

  • Either extended or regular, fishing trips for more than one species which includes walleye, smallmouth bass, or yellow perch,  .... and there's more about Badman Charters,

Lake Erie fishing trips (all species)

Walleye   Perch   Smallmouth bass

Olcott Fishing Charters

Salmon  Steelhead  Brown trout

Remember when fishing with Badman Charters, nothing is final until the morning of your charter trip!
Adjustments can occur either by choice or weather!  If you need answers, just ask!

To make reservations call/text

Badman Charters
2211 Martins Point Rd.
Sandusky, Ohio 44870

Cell: (419) 271-2003
U.S.C.G. Licensed    Ohio Licensed Guide    Fully Insured

Badman Charters accepts credit cards, Paypal and Venmo for deposits and balance payments.
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