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Fishing Lake Erie and Lake Ontario
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Lake Erie Fishing Charters for walleye, smallmouth bass and perch
Lake Ontario salmon charters
Now's the time to your book 2022 Lake Erie fishing charters from Port Clinton, Ohio

Participate throughout the charter, more hands-on
Lake Erie fishing with Badman Charters!

Badman  charters have always tried to increase your charter experience by always  integrating clients into the trolling or drifting program.  The charter is as much of a learning experience by explaining the trolling and drifting fundamentals, as it is catching limits.

Badman Charter's policy has always been on any of the walleye charters, especially when trolling, to teach and have my charters be more of a hands-on trolling experience as much as possible, this includes netting fish, setting lines.

Fish with Badman Charters and you'll find that we aren't one-dimensional, you'll fish the preferred or maybe the best method for that day! This simply means you have choices for taking walleyes used on your charter.  

If you need answers, just ask!
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Don't think you're just going fishing, you have opportunities while on any of your Lake Erie Charters

We all know that Lake Erie is an anglers paradise, find out below what Badman Charters can do for you before, during and at the end of your fishing trip to make the time on the water a success!

  • Experienced fishing guide fishing all Ohio and Ontario waters of Lake Erie!
  • Charters on both Lake Ontario and Lake Erie guarantee's you a complete day fishing,
  • The Badman runs only one trip a day, this will guarantee a good day fishing on Lake Erie.  
  • Maps out your fishing charter and will answer any important questions in advance before arriving and will help avoid any unnecessary weather cancellations,
  • Can arrange for additional boats to handle larger groups
  • Fish cleaning can be arranged for you once you return to the dock. Your catch can be picked up at the dock, taken to the fish house, and cleaned while you relax and ready to pick up in a short time for the trip home,
  • Either extended or regular, fishing trips for more than one species which includes walleye, smallmouth bass, or yellow perch,
  • and there's more about Badman Charters,

Here they are, all the walleyes you'd ever want, come and get them!
Lake Erie walleye fishing in 2022 will be off the charts!!
Lake Erie Charters
Walleye   Perch   Smallmouth bass
Lake Ontario Charters
Salmon  Steelhead  Brown trout
Walleye success on the Badman
 Limit early on your charter?
It is possible if we limit out early on a walleye charter, you can spend the rest of your time fishing or decide to return to the dock for an early departure

Canadian border crossings
The end of 2021 fishing season is near, but there is still time to catch smallmouth and fish the Pelee Island reefs for walleyes.  

The ban for boarder crossing has been lifted and we can now fish Canadian waters around Pelee.

Currently, I'm am booking Canadian Smallmouth or Walleye trips.  The ban was lifted, any charters can now be arranged to fish Ontario waters.

Reminder to non-residents
Remember, all non-residents that
are coming to Lake Erie to fish on a charter before May 1, must have a Non-resident sportfishing permit.   These can be obtained online or at any license outlet in the area. Information on cost and where to purchase the permits can be found on the Charter Fishing License Information page

Booking for 2022 already
Now is the time to try and secure
that good date for Lake Erie walleye, smallmouth, perch, or Lake Ontario salmon and steelhead.  If you were planning on coming back in 2021 or maybe you forgot to mentioned rebooking, now's the time.   

Fall smallmouth fishing
There's still time to target the best fighting fish that swims in Lake Erie. Create an excellent adventure for anglers of all ages on one of many Lake Erie smallmouth charters.

>> Call for 2022 Dates  <<
(419) 271-2003

This may help you decide!
Badman's Fishing

Rick Watts recommends: ...... Goes above and beyond to make sure that
you are where the fish are and doing what you need to do to fill your tickets. He is passionate about giving you the best fishing experience he possibly can.........May 25, 2019  

David Fulk recommends: ....... All aspects of Badman Charters are fun, entertaining, and geared to allow the best fish catching opportunities available...... May 19, 2016
Anglers can choose either drift or trolling for walleye, live bait, or artificial for smallmouth bass and perch charters, .....  all this translates into more fish for you!

Badman Charters will put fish in the boat on your Lake Erie trip! On any Badman fishing charters, you can expect to use any of the standard fish-catching methods or go with the recommendations of Badman Charters. Your fishing preferences are discussed at the time you book any of your Lake Erie charters and again at the beginning of your day's fishing trip!

Badman Charters has different trip packages that include lodging, to fit your Lake Erie fishing plans!

  • Lodging can be arranged to make your Lake Erie charter experience easier,
  • Units are set up for fishermen and families,
  • Packages can be combined for fishing and overnight lodging,
  • All units have fish cleaning on-site and are comfortable lodging, with absolutely, NO TRAILERS!!
  • Or I'll help direct you to other lodging found in the Port Clinton and Marblehead area!

Nothing is final until the morning of your Lake Erie trip!
Adjustments can occur by choice or weather

To make reservations call or text
Badman Charters
2211 Martins Point Rd.
Sandusky, Ohio 44870

Cell: (419) 271-2003

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