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Badman fishing charter photo gallery  from Port Clinton, Ohio, specializes in all Lake Erie charters. Photos on many charters, showing that we follow the fish to the best locations across Lake Erie, including Canada.  Badman Charters, deep water trophy walleye fishing charters from Port Clinton, Ohio.

Badman Charters

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Lake Erie Walleye and Smallmouth Bass Photos      Lake Ontario Salmon & Steelhead Photos

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Sampling of success from a 2014 Lake Erie fishing charter

walleye in June

lake erie walleye fishing

lake erie charters lake erie fishing charters fishing charter fun
web15.gif (259345 bytes) web14.gif (218583 bytes) Catch and release bass smallmouth bass charter in July lake Erie charter on May 30
web10.gif (625982 bytes) web6.gif (277523 bytes) big walleye charter fishing result web4.gif (266151 bytes) Early June walleye charter
Walleye charter fishing le3.gif (174187 bytes) walleye.gif (109017 bytes) Pelee Island walleye charter lake erie charter results in late May

Pelee Island smallmouth charter

Catch and release fall smallmouth charter

Trophy walleye charter

fallw1.gif (69754 bytes)
2006hh.gif (193880 bytes) LE_10.gif (346756 bytes)

rack.gif (183907 bytes)

fallwalleye1.gif (154519 bytes) Lake Erie steelhead charter

perch.gif (58374 bytes)

Pelee Island walleye trophy charter

2006C.gif (85942 bytes)









Sampling of success from a 2014 Lake Ontario fishing charter


lake ontario fishing charters lake ontario salmon lake ontario charter fishing Big Salmon Fishing Charter on lake ontario
lake ontario limit of lake ontario salmon and steelhead lake ontario morning 1/2 day lake ontario limit average catch on lake ontario
Fighting a big lake ontario salmon big day on Lake Ontario lake ontario cooler begining to fill

losalmon.gif (181334 bytes) olcott salmon charter web20.gif (358063 bytes) LO-4.jpg (1020019 bytes) web18.gif (1457835 bytes)


2009 lake ontario charter olcott_salmon.gif (312836 bytes) salmon9.gif (323979 bytes) salmon3.gif (340300 bytes)
salmon6.gif (329395 bytes) olcott_salmon5b.gif (227066 bytes) lake ontario-14.gif (191084 bytes) 2006A.gif (195320 bytes)
losalmon7.gif (325762 bytes) salmon1.gif (569531 bytes) olcott_salmon .gif (375802 bytes) 513823-R1-17-16A_018.jpg (1152193 bytes)
olcott_salmon8.gif (334375 bytes) olcott_salmon9.gif (368442 bytes) salmon10.gif (230156 bytes) olcott_salmon3.gif (302078 bytes)
LO-6.jpg (1372491 bytes) LO-2.jpg (970400 bytes) LO-13.jpg (1399213 bytes) LO-9.jpg (983940 bytes)
LO-24.jpg (1311179 bytes) LO-7.jpg (1296601 bytes) LO-8.jpg (1173215 bytes) LO-12.jpg (1179705 bytes)

LO-25.jpg (881263 bytes)

LO-26.jpg (1330413 bytes) LO-27.jpg (976371 bytes) salmon fishing charters lake ontario
LO-29.jpg (1218345 bytes) biro2006b.JPG (88553 bytes) LO-23.jpg (1422462 bytes) LO-2006c.gif (396336 bytes) tillman2006.gif (236001 bytes)
LO-2006d.gif (391114 bytes) 2006A.gif (195320 bytes)

biro2006.gif (165391 bytes)

2006B.gif (132276 bytes)

biro2.gif (194920 bytes)

Steve_jen2006.gif (230882 bytes) LO-2006b.gif (367220 bytes) LO-2006f.gif (372602 bytes) chris2006.gif (134722 bytes) biro1.gif (184402 bytes)
LO-2006i.gif (372153 bytes) 2006F.gif (208129 bytes) biro3.gif (209380 bytes) 20067E.gif (125712 bytes) rasmund2006.gif (161539 bytes)
salmon4.gif (179818 bytes) salmon2.gif (168523 bytes) LO-2006e.gif (362375 bytes) salmon3.gif (231486 bytes) LO-2006i.jpg (157876 bytes)
salmon1.gif (205485 bytes) biro2006.gif (165391 bytes) balonk2006.gif (125411 bytes) lake ontario fishing lake ontario fishing charters
LO-11.jpg (916755 bytes) salmon6.gif (162593 bytes) aug25ch.jpg (110591 bytes) 2006D.gif (111411 bytes) LO-17.jpg (830904 bytes)



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